Friday, April 24, 2015

Interesting article in the , about Indai and the US aircraft carrier technology

Making Waves: Aiding India’s Next-Generation Aircraft Carrier

Contain interesting data.

The basic premise doesn't make sense, I mean it will be interesting to see the US sharing the electromagnetic catapult system with another country, or the full aircraft carrier system technology.

The US had arm sale embargo against India up to 2005 ,so to sell anything to India the US has to overcame the distrust,  and at the end of the day India has 1.3 billion residents, so if it start to grow like China then in 15 years time the US will found another adversary power , however at this time using US originated technology. :)

This is the main point.

If we check the map the Chinese intention visible: protect the oil supply lines from Saudi-Arabia .

However for China to get access to the Indian Ocean has to pass the Singapore strait, so there is not so much sense to arm up to head India.
China has to get full control of the Chinese sea AND Taiwan to step forward to the Indian Ocean, however over there the main intention of them will be the protection of the shipping lanes against  US blockade / intervention.

Without breaking the island chain (by controlling Taiwan example) they can't get access to the world ocean .
Motivation of China :

Yinhe incident

Japan and US enclose Chinese coast within sensor net


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